Billy Thompson - The Improvising Violinist: "THE SOUNDS"

"An original voice and a unique sound. He's just great..." - Ronnie Scott. (1996).

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Welcome to the Sounds page.
There are many sides to Billy Thompson the violinist.
Scroll down and click on one of the headings below to find out more, then click on the highlighted track names to download audible previews ...

Towards the end of the last century, Billy joined the 'Prince's Trust' scheme starting his own music production company called Thompsound Music.
Thompsound Music incorporates the skills Billy develops in the music business into an all-round creative environment.
In house Thompsound Music uses the latest Pro Tools LE 003 Factory system, Pro Tools 8 and Logic Pro.
Thompsound Music can also travel anywhere with the Pro Tools 002 system and record in 24bit editable perfection. And does.
To contact Thompsound Music email info@thompsoundmusic.co.uk and for Billy write to billy@thompsoundmusic.co.uk

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Get Billy onto your tracks!!...

Billy is often in demand as a session musician. For further information about Billy's studio services visit: Thompsound Music.

Sessions to date (along with numerous visits to Jon Hiseman's Temple Music) have included work for:

Manfred Mann, Barbara Thompson, Ana Gracey, Salena Jones, Meic Stevens, Mim Twm Llai, Sian James, Boyd Clack, Alexa Hamilton, Nia Jones, David Allen, Janie Romer, Mike & Kate Westbrook,
Earl Grey, Heather Jones, Robin Katz, Rob Mills, Player 2, Reuben Blake, Danny Chang Music, The Rimshots and many more...

These sessions have involved Billy playing Violin, Baritone Violin and Mandolin.
Billy's use of effects pedals is also called upon for unusual sounds often required by producers.

For a show reel CD of different sessions and sounds produced by Billy, contact info@thompsoundmusic.co.uk.

Here are 12 downloadable MP3s of the 'Kwik Kuts' featured on the show reel CD. Alternatively you could stream the audio by clicking on the RealPlayer logos. To stream all the 'Kwik Kuts' click Real Player logo.jpg:

01 Tango1 (128 Kb Mp3) or Tango style solo from Barbara Thompson's 'Thompson's Tangos' album. Recorded at 'Temple Music'
02 Regga Ragga (122 Kb Mp3) or Rhythmic melody from Barbara Thompson's 'Thompson's Tangos' album. Recorded at 'Temple Music'
03 Bring Me Back (156 Kb Mp3) or Multi-tracked String section playing from an EP by 'Player 2'. Recorded at 'Sonicone Studios'
04 Spooky (133 Kb Mp3) or Psycho strings used on Bafta award winning/Oscar nominated cartoon 'Famous Fred'. Recorded at 'Danny Chang Music'
05 Viente Anos (139 Kb Mp3) or Cuban style violin solo taken from The Amigos' 'Gypsymania' album. Recorded at 'Hottown Studios'
06 Antara (128 Kb Mp3) or Mad Gypsy solo taken from The Amigos' 'Gypsymania' album. Recorded at 'Hottown Studios'
07 Mood Indigo (133 Kb Mp3) or Mellow Jazz feel taken from the 'Iff & Butt' album. Recorded at 'Penrhys Studios'
08 My Favourite Things (141 Kb Mp3) or Wibbly echo effects taken from the 'Iff & Butt' album. Recorded at 'Penrhys Studios'
09 Tonight (144 Kb Mp3) or Wah-wah solo taken from Ana Gracey's 'Unplugged' album Recorded at 'Temple Music'
10 The 6 Was 9 (119 Kb Mp3) or Fast Free Jazz solo recorded live at Cafe Jazz, Cardiff.
11 Lush 3-2 (121 Kb Mp3) or Dance music solo added to Orbital's single Lush at 'Thompsound Music'
12 Apocalyptic Rock (154 Kb Mp3) or Rock Violin solo & comping Recorded at 'Danny Chang Music' remixed at 'Thompsound Music'

Get 'Virtual' Billy...

A sometimes used and most feasible idea is for studios (home or professional) to have Billy in your studio 'virtually'... read on...

Studios send Billy audio files to which they wish Billy to add his talents. Billy loads these into Pro Tools LE 8 or Logic Pro and adds whatever is required. The audio files or complete sessions can then be swapped using Skype or downloaded from Billy's server or sent to and forth on good old fashioned CD or DVD data discs. For further information about Billy's studio services visit: Thompsound Music.

For further information and prices contact info@thompsoundmusic.co.uk.


Amledd are a brand new band formed by singer/songwriter Rhian Williams and songwriter/guitarist/violinist/producer Billy Thompson.
Rhi and Billy

Amledd - Cyfnod Cyntaf

iTunes logo Now available from iTunes... Click on the logo to go direct to Amledd on the iTunes store.

Click hear to stream excerpts of all the songs from the album:
Play all Songs logo
lo-fi: dial-up
Play all Songs logo hi-fi: broadband

To visit Amledd's website go to www.amledd.co.uk

Below are downloadable excerpts of some of the tracks from Amledd's album:

Amledd's songs can be performed in both English and Welsh... mainly Welsh though...

Radio Cymru is frequently playing Rhosys Cochion at the moment...

Powered by iSOUND.COM

To contact Amledd write to:

Check out this one available on the new album 'Cyfnod Cyntaf':
Pistyll 1 minute excerpt (1.7Mb MP3). And here also is the
Pistyll Violin Solo 1 minute excerpt (1Mb MP3)

Rhosys Cochion EP

Bod ar Wylie EP picture


Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia:

Barbara Thompson & Paraphernalia.jpg

Billy Thompson - Violin, Barbara Thompson - Saxophones, Jon Hiseman - Drums, Peter Lemer - Keyboards/Programming & Dave 'Taif' Ball - Bass.

Video Clips!!!

Take a look at this brand new video of Paraphernalia live in Stuttgart filmed during the 2005 'Never Say Goodbye' tour. The video is taken from a live DVD to be released sometime in the future. The track is called 'Close to the Edge'. Click on the link to be taken to YouTube where the video is hosted:
Close to the Edge clip

Watch a Billy solo from 2001's visit to Ronnie Scott's... Film logo.jpg

'Guardians of the Deep' solo bestquality.mov
'Guardians of the Deep' solo medquality.mov (706Kb.mov).
'Ode to Sappho' (start of solo) tidyquality.mov (3.4Mb.mov).
'Kaffrinya' (short, fast solo) tidyquality.mov (1Mb.mov).
'Little Annie Ooh' solo goodquality.mov (3Mb.mov) or click real audio link to stream it using Real Player.

Audio Clip:

Speaker logo.jpg Listen to a Billy solo from his first European tour with Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia's in 1999. The track is called 'Listen to the Plants' (4Mb Mp3)

For more photos of the band go to the photos page... By the way, Barbara and Billy aren't related!

CDs: 'Shifting Sands', 'Thompson's Tangos' & 'Never Say Goodbye'. 'Never Say Goodbye' available direct from Thompsound Music. Click on the other album covers to go to Barbara Thompson's full catalogue at the Temple Music Shop

Shifting Sands CD.jpg
1. Shifting Sands (Thompson, Hiseman, Lemer)
2. In the Shadow of the Moon (Barbara Thompson)
3. Guardians of the Deep (Video Clip) (Barbara Thompson)
4. The Whisper in the Shell (Barbara Thompson)
5. The Wave Police (Barbara Thompson)
6. Sun Shapes (Peter Lemer)
7. Head in the Sand (Barbara Thompson)
1. Tango 1 (473 Kb Mp3) (Barbara Thompson)
2. Tango 2 (Barbara Thompson)
3. Tango 3 (Barbara Thompson)
4. Tango 4 (Barbara Thompson)
5. Naima (John Coltrane)
6. Regga Ragga Real Player logo.jpg (Peter Lemer)
7. Smokey Embrace Real Player logo.jpg (Barbara Thompson)
8. The Slider (Peter Lemer)
9. The Real Softshoe (Barbara Thompson)
2005 Speaker logo.jpg 'Never Say Goodbye':

out of stock
Life in the Fast Lane - Concerto in 3 movements (Barbara Thompson)
1. On the Wing of a Prayer (Barbara Thompson)
2. Still Waters (Barbara Thompson)
3. Living in the Fast Lane (1.8 Mb Mp3) (Barbara Thompson)

Are You Real (1.2 Mb Mp3)

(Benny Golson)

5. Never Say Goodbye (the Tango that got away) (Barbara Thompson)
6. Son of a Gun (884 Kb Mp3) (Barbara Thompson)
7. Finger Dancing (Barbara Thompson)
8. Giant Steps (1.2 Mb Mp3) (John Coltrane)

Read reviews of tour gigs from national newspapers on the press page...

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Meic Stevens:

Billy began performing with Meic Stevens back in 1997 after Meic saw 'Iff & Butt' perform. Billy first performed with Meic on the album 'Mihangel'. Billy later recorded Meic Stevens and band at Thompsound Music
for the album 'Ysbryd Solva'. Billy also features heavily on Meic's new release 'Icarws' released in the summer of 2007.

Photo clip of Faenol Fest
Film logo.jpg Watch Billy perform with Meic a'r Band at the Faenol Festival 2005 - 'Erwan' medquality.mov (6.3Mb.mov).
Photo clip of Faenol Festival
Film logo.jpg Watch Billy go for a walkabout during the same gig's performance of 'Y Brawd Houdini'

Meic has many albums to his name since the 60s and is highly rated by Bob Dylan amongst others and is still going strong.

In 2002, to celebrate his 60th birthday and some 40 years in the music business, Meic was invited to headline in the main pavillion at the National Eisteddfod in St Davids with his band.

A documentary was broadcast over Christmas 2002 on S4C all about Meic Stevens and his band. Eirof Williams had followed us all round Wales and France for over a year culminating in the performance at the Eisteddfod.

Speaker logo.jpg Meic's album 'Ysbryd Solva' was recorded at Billy's studio - Thompsound Music. To download an MP3 excerpt, click here... Ysbryd Solva or here to have it streamed using Realplayer Real Player logo.jpg.

CDs: 'Mihangel' & 'Ysbryd Solva'. Buy 'Ysbryd Solva' direct from Thompsound Music...

Photo clip of Meic


Speaker logo.jpg 'Mihangel':
1. GettysburgReal Player logo.jpg
2. Lawr ym Moroco
3. Laceti-iac
4. Blodau gwylt y tan
5. Tynged
6. Morrison's Jig
7. Cecelia
8. Lawr ar y cei
9. Jams Jos
10. Eisie anghofio ti
11. Lleidr y nos
12. Angel
Speaker logo.jpg 'Ysbryd Solva':
1. Ysbryd Solva (1.3 Mb Mp3 or click Real Player logo.jpg to have it streamed using Real Player)
2. Llygad llwyd
3. Merch o'r ffatri wlan (456 Kb Mp3)
4. Er cof am blant y cwm (524 Kb Mp3)
5. Daeth neb yn ol
6. Cwm y Prenhelig
7. Bethan mewn cwsg
8. Tryweryn (848 Kb Mp3)
9. Saith Seren
10. Can Mamgu
11. Can Walter

This excerpt GettysburgReal Player logo.jpg is from his 1997 album 'Mihangel'. It's an instrumental excerpt coz it's Billy's web-site. The album was written by Rob Mills and recorded along with the rest of the album at Sain Studios:Speaker logo.jpg For photos of the band go to the photos page... Meic Stevens a'r band.jpg

Click here to read an interview Meic did with Richard Marshall.

There is also a mini site for Meic courtesy of the BBC.

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Dave Reid and Meic's band.jpgClick to enlarge image. Bass player Dave Reid passed away whilst on tour in New York. Dave re-joined Meic's band in 2001 and featured on Meic's 'Ysbryd Solva' album. He will be greatly missed for both his bass playing and his wonderful takes on life in general. A great man. Dave was always a great source of encouragement for Billy and his music. There are 2 reviews by Dave on bands featuring Billy on the Press page. 'Iff & Butt' review. Amigos 'Alma Gitana' review.
Dave can also be heard best on a Welsh Folk album by Ffynnon - 'Celtic Music from Wales' which features his excellent 6 String electric bass work.

has some albums and describes Meic as a 'Killer Welsh head trip folkie'.




The Amigos:

You will probably never hear such a wide range of music as you would at an Amigos concert - all played with virtuosity and buckets full of passion.
With a repertoire of over 500 Tunes/Songs varying from Gypsy Jazz, Trad Gypsy, Hot Club Jazz, Hungarian, Yiddish, Russian, Mussette, Latin, Spanish, Tex-Mex, Samba, Rumba, Calypso, and Celtic. Founded by Guitarists Gary Phillips and Andy King 10 Years ago the lineup now expands to include Violin (Billy Thompson), Accordion (Nigel Hopkins) and Double Bass (Andy 'Wal' Coughlan). They regularly receive standing ovations at large scale Festivals such as Brecon Jazz Festival, Pontardawe International Folk Festival and Warwick/Leamington Festival with their ability to instantly change their Musical styles from all over the world . They have dazzled audiences with their spellbinding performances throughout the UK, abroad and the USA.

Who's who?

The Amigos at Brecon Jazz Festival 2001.jpg

The 2nd Amigos album 'Alma Gitana' was launched at 2002's Brecon Jazz Festival. Speaker logo.jpg Here are 2 streamable tracks: 2 The Night! Real Player logo.jpgand Letcho Gurgo Real Player logo.jpg
For further info contact Billy.

The latest Amigos album launched at 2003's Brecon Jazz Festival is called 'Jazz Manouche'. Speaker logo.jpgDownload a sample of a firey number: Hunn o Pani Naschella
(836 Kb Mp3) or click Real Player logo.jpg. Here's a sample of the song Until the Real Thing Comes Along (532 Kb Mp3).

Visit the Amigos' web-site: www.amigos-wales.com.
This photo is from one of many visits to Brecon Jazz Festival.

CDs: 'Gypsymania' & 'Alma Gitana'. Click on the covers or 'add to basket' logos to buy direct from the Thompsound Music Shop using PAYPAL....... Or order by e-mail by writing to sales@thompsoundmusic.co.uk


1. Antara - Popy Basilly
2. Samba Triste - Bayden Powell
3. Romane - Romane
4. Viente Anos/Romanian Folklore - Maria Teresa Vera/Trad
5. Jo'Berg Jig - Ron Kavana
6. Gypsymania (736 Kb Mp3) - J.Rosenberg
7. Music for a New Found Harmonium - Penguin Cafe Orchestra
8. Stompin at the Decca - Reinhardt/Grappelli
9. On a night like this - Bob Dylan
10. Billet Deux - Reinhardt/Grappelli
11. Golden Earrings - Young/LIvingstone/Evans
12. Caravan (808 Kb Mp3) - Duke Ellington


'Alma Gitana':
1. Inspiration - Gypsy Kings
2. Pegeo - Jose Feliciano
3. La Bikina - Unknown
4. Armando's Rhumba - Chick Corea
5. Song for my Father (836 Kb Mp3) - Horace Silver
6. Letscho Gurgo - Schnucenack Reinhardt
7. Made for Isaac - Stochelo Rosenberg
8. A Night in Tunisia - Dizzy Gillespie
9. Entre Dos Aquas - Snchez Gomez
10. Jitterbug Waltz - Fats Waller
11. 2 The Night! - Ottmar Liebert
12. Motecello - Romane
13. Czardas (1.3 Mb Mp3) - V. Monti
'Jazz Manouche':
1. Legende - Romane
2. Nica's Dream - Horace Silver
3. Swing Gitane - Trad
4. Folklore - Trad
5. Corrida No. 1 - Trad, Arr. Cesar/Rosas
6. Hunn o Pani Naschella (836 Kb Mp3) - T. Winterstein/L. Reinhardt
7. Rhif Un Gwreiddiol - Coughlan/King/Phillips
8. Waltz for Jimmy - I. Cruickshank
9. Rose Room - H. Williams/A. Hickman
10. Until the Real Thing Comes Along (532 Kb Mp3) - Cahn/Chaplin/Freeman
11. Swinging Tiger (356 Kb Mp3) - Patrick Saussois/Samy Daussat
12. Infrapeni - Coughlan/King/Phillips

Here is the new Amigos album released at Brecon Jazz Festival 2003.Recorded at Guitarist Andy King's studio.

This is the 3rd Amigos album featuring Billy Thompson on violin. The full 'A' Team is featured and along with the usual mix of rare Gypsy masterpieces there are also two original tracks by Coughlan/King/Phillips from The Amigos.

Click on this link to read a review of 'Gypsymania from' Red Lick Records.
Click on this link to read a review of 'Alma Gitana' from Buzz Magazine's Dave Reid.

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Billy 'T'

Billy improvising big style in Vienna.jpg

E-mail Billy T

Billy 'T' is the Electro/Loop/Beat side of Billy Thompson.
Download Speaker logo.jpg G Wizz done in collaboration with loop maestro 'Mista Fetachini' (2 Mb Mp3) for a sample of what there will be much more of...

Any professional DJs/Producers/Venues interested in working with this alternative violinist (live & studio) may like to check out the following recordings involving Billy T

Mac logo.jpg(Mac users hold down 'alt' key when clicking on MP3s and choose 'download link to disk')
Speaker logo.jpg Lush 3-2 - Orbital (2.23 Mb Mp3) featuring Billy T.
Speaker logo.jpg Marine Blue (940 Kb Mp3) written and produced by Billy T.
Speaker logo.jpg
Liquideous (4.5 Mb Mp3) written and produced by Billy T.
Speaker logo.jpg Sci-fi Staircase (3.1Mb Mp3) Originally by Luke Vebert, this is Mr D's triffid hoe-down mix featuring Billy T.

Recent projects are Dolennu with electronic composer Warren Greveson and also a brand new project with beat boxing rapper Ed Holden aka Mr Phormula. Here is a video recorded live at Ed's studio early September 2015.

Much more to come from both projects...

Billy Thompson Gypsy Style on S4C

Mr Phormula featuring Billy 'T'. Part of Ed Holden's 'Concept Collective' project. Turn up the bass!

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The Billy Thompson/Peter Lemer Quartet:

CD: 'Players of Games'. Click on the cover or 'add to basket' logo to buy direct from Thompsound Music Shop using PAYPAL or order by e-mail by writing to sales@thompsoundmusic.co.uk



You can listen here and download high quality MP3s of you wish...

'Players of Games'
Billy Thompson and Peter Lemer:

A duo album by Billy Thompson and Peter Lemer featuring 4 compositions by Billy and 5 by Peter, 1 from Barbara Thompson
and 1 by Phil Miller.
This project brings together two of the creative minds from Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia. It has been recorded with the potential for live performance very much in mind.

With the addition of Dave 'Taif' Ball on bass and Steve Roberts on drums, 'The Billy Thompson Quartet' made its 3rd consecutive appearance at Brecon Jazz Festival 2003.

This line-up first appeared at Brecon Jazz Festival 2001 at the Usk Marquee stage. The gig was recorded and is available from Thompsound Music.

Billy Thompson Gypsy Style:

Billy's time in London and also his time previously with The Amigos taught Billy a great deal about the gypsy jazz style. In that London Billy played with some of the very best guitarists around today including the Dutch gypsy maestro Lollo Meiers and outstanding British guitarists Nils Solberg, Tim Robinson, Robin Katz and Pete Sheppard.

Through his association with the North Wales Jazz Society Billy has also performed with Gary Potter, Andreas Oberg, Robin Nolan, John Etheridge and Howard Alden.

In recent years the outstanding musician that is Karen Street has become an integral member of Billy Thompson Gypsy Style on Accordion. Billy met Karen through performing with Mike Westbrook's masterwork 'Glad Day'. Karen features prominently on the new CD 'The Eberle Sessions'.

CD flyer

Billy Thompson Gypsy Style - The Eberle Sessions is the brand new CD from Billy Thompson Gypsy Style recorded at Thompsound Music featuring Billy Thompson on Violin, Karen Street on Accordion, Andy Mackenzie on Guitar, Eryl Jones on Guitar and Mandolin and Greg Robley on Bass. Also featuring special guest appearances by John Wheatcroft on Guitar and Ivor Aldred on Harmonica.

£11.99 plus P&P

Click HERE for Quantity Discounts.


Preview and Download from: iTunes logo iTunes and Amazon logo Amazon.

Billy Thompson Gypsy Style's recent appearance on S4C's Noson Lawen:

Billy Thompson Gypsy Style on S4C


CD cover

The Billy Thompson Gypsy Style Live album features Andy MacKenzie on lead guitar, the rhythm of Eryl Jones (guitar/mandolin/vocals), Phil Gardiner (guitar) and Dave Turner (bass).

Buy it now:

Or go to the shop for quantity discounts. Also available from some shops and iTunes logo iTunes.

To hear excerpts of the album recorded live in Llay click on the track names below. The final track is an original studio track written for BIlly's new son Sam. Excerpts available: Tracks 1, 3, 5, 8, 10 & 12.

To see Billy Thompson Gypsy Style in action and to hear some of the actual recordings on this CD go to:

YouTube logo Billy on YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/Amledd

Billy Thompson Gypsy Style - Danse Norvégienne
Thompsound Music on Vimeo.

Since moving to Bala, Billy has done many performances for the North Wales Jazz Society with both his own band 'Billy Thompson Gypsy Style' and also as a guest artist performing with some very fine visiting artists:

All in


Photos by Bob Barry taken from the North Wales International Jazz Guitar Festival 2007 where Billy performed with (from left to right) Robin Nolan, Bill Coleman, Andreas Oberg, Gary Potter and Kevin Nolan.

To contact Billy email billy@billythompson.co.uk

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Songwriter Billy:

Billy very much enjoys playing the guitar and has recently started writing songs. Expect more in this section*...

What Happened In The Water:
A recent holiday to France led inadvertantly to the creation (and completion) of Billy's first song. Download this humerous tale of a young violinist's foolishness:
Speaker logo.jpgWhat Happened In The Water (10.6Mb Mp3)

*In reality it transpires that Billy only seems to write songs when there is a near death experience involved. Saying that though, he never did get round to writing one about the lunatic from Lille who attacked him and a friend the previous year with an axe and then tried to burn down the house they were in. Not being overly keen on more of this source of inspiration, Billy's song-writing talent is now found mainly in his new band Amledd in which Billy sticks to the music leaving the lyrics to his new wife and Amledd co-founder/song-writer Rhian Williams (now Rhian Thompson) who's lyrics are largely about love and stuff...

Ana Gracey:

Ana Gracey is a fantastic London based singer/songwriter. Over recent years she has incorporated Billy into her songs and has various recordings to her name:

Her CD - an 'L to R' (Recorded as live, left to right) featuring guitarist Eran Kendler, bass player Stefan Redtenbacher, Accy Yeats on drums and Billy on violin, baritone violin and mandolin. This CD is available from Thompsound Music. Just click the Paypal button to buy securely.

out of stock


Hear excerpts of 'Jimmy', 'Dream' and a complete version of 'No More Rain' from this new 'L to R' CD:

Speaker logo.jpg Jimmy (1.75Mb excerpt)
Speaker logo.jpg Dream (1.6Mb excerpt)
Speaker logo.jpg No More Rain (3.4Mb)

Mac logo.jpg(Mac users hold down 'alt' key when clicking on MP3s and choose 'download link to disk')

Limited edition pre-production run of the extraordinary debut album by Ana Gracey. 12 stunningly beautiful original songs are augmented by an enviable line-up of guest musicians - including Billy Thompson and Peter Lemer (Paraphernalia), Clem Clempson (Humble Pie and Colosseum), Pete Freisen (Alice Cooper) - all under the steady hand of engineer and producer Jon Hiseman. This edition will be collectible one day...

Dream (5Mb Mp3)

For more photos go to the photos page...

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Iff & Butt:

In 1997 Billy began a residency performing Jazz at Café Jazz in Cardiff and later at the Celtic Royal in Newport with the exceptional guitarist Andy Maule.
This developed into Billy's debut CD entitled 'Iff & Butt'.
They later performed at most of Britain's major Jazz Festivals as both a duo and a trio.

Iff & Butt were:

Billy Thompson - Violin
Andy Maule - Guitar (1964-2007)
Dafydd Lewis - Bass

CDs: 'Iff & Butt'. Click on the cover or 'add to basket' logo to buy direct from the Thompsound Music Shop using PAYPAL........ Or order by e-mail by writing to sales@thompsoundmusic.co.uk


You can listen here and download high quality MP3s of you wish...

Iff & Butt CD.jpg

Andy Maule
Andy Maule (1964 - 2007)

Read a review by Dave Reid on the press page...

For photos of the band go to the photos page...

For biographies go to the biographies page...

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Red Rag Band:

Red Rag Band are an original acoustic Rock band that seriously Rocks. Billy joined them just before a tour of the Czech Republic where the band Rocked.

Speaker logo.jpg Here is an MP3 of 'Mohawk' (2.9Mb Mp3) by Red Rag Band. This was recorded live in Prague and is a rough mix but gives a good idea of the band's sound.

Rene Griffiths:

A good while ago now, a crazed Patagonian who goes by the name of Rene Griffiths arrived at Thompsound Music armed only with a classical guitar and a bottle of Scotch. Hear previews of the resulting collaboration:

Thompsound Music is intending to produce an album for Rene.
Mac logo.jpg(Mac users hold down 'alt' key when clicking on MP3s and choose 'download link to disk')
Speaker logo.jpg Yo te amo (traditional) - (720 Kb Mp3)
Speaker logo.jpg Dail yr hydrydd (Rene Griffiths) - (636 Kb Mp3)

The Rivets:

There really is very little that can be said about this band...

The Rivets are the non-thinking brain-child of the legendary Birkenhead gambler/raconteur/drinker/smoker known most frequently as 'Ged'.

There have been various line-ups over the years with contributions by Gerard Grealis himself on Guitar, Bass & Vocals, Gordon West on Guitar, Dom Mcloughlin on vocals for 'Bigtime', Sean Murphey on vocals for tracks 3-5, Greg Meehan on Sax in 'Bigtime', Anna Brooks on backing vocals for 'How is it meant to Be?' and Billy Thompson on recording/editing/mixing duties... and violin...

All originals, here are the tunes that have been recorded sporadically over the last couple of years..

1. My Madelin
(2.8 Mb Mp3)
2. Don't Go Back (3.4 Mb Mp3)
3. She Talks To Me (3.4 Mb Mp3)
4. How Is It Meant To Be? (4.4 Mb Mp3)
5. We're OK Aren't We (5 Mb Mp3)
6. Bigtime (3.1 Mb Mp3)

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