Amledd - Sain, Caernarfon


Amledd (which means 'Frequency' in Welsh) are a unique band formed by singer/songwriter Rhian Williams and songwriter/violinist/producer Billy Thompson.

"...One of the smartest indie rock based projects to come calling in a while" Chester Chronicle.

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Noson Lawen still Watch Amledd performing their song 'Bod ar Wylie (yn dy wlad dy hun)' on Noson Lawen. The full line-up joined by the house band too:

Cyfnod Cyntaf Can Mabon excerpt link Myfanwy 2 excerpt link Myfanwy excerpt link Weithiau excerpt link Yn y Niwl excerpt link Siocled excerpt link O Flaen y Tan excerpt link Paid a Digaloni excerpt link Pistyll excerpt link Ond Eto'I Gyd excerpt link
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Available from record shops throughout Wales. To listen to and buy the album using Paypal read on...

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Two 3 Track EPs available..... Click on a cover to hear an excerpt...

Rhosys Cochion EP picture

Listen to excerpts:
1. Rhosys Cochion
3 minute excerpt (2.7Mb MP3)
2. Can Mabon 2
minute excerpt (1.9Mb MP3)
3. Love is Blind
2 minute excerpt (1.2Mb MP3)

Bod ar Wylie EP picture

Listen to excerpts:
1. Bod ar Wylie 1 minute excerpt (1Mb MP3)
2. Ond Eto'I Gyd 2
minute excerpt (2.1Mb MP3)
3. Siocled
2 minute excerpt (2.1Mb MP3)

Amledd's songs can be performed in both English and Welsh... Mainly Welsh though...

If you'd like to drop Amledd a line email Amledd directly... See below...

AMLEDD also features Dave Elwyn on Guitar, Dave 'Taif' Ball on Fretless Bass and Steve Roberts on drums... This band ROCKS... And all this is behind Rhian Williams singing her uniquely original lyrics and Billy going mental in a very tasteful manner putting his violin through all sorts of paces/effects... Watch out for the next AMLEDD gigs...
Amledd - Sain, Caernarfon
Amledd - Sain, Caernarfon



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