Meic Stevens - 'Ysbryd Solva'.


Guitar and vocals - Meic Stevens

Violin & Mandolin - Billy Thompson

Vocals - Heather Jones

Guitar - Anthony Griffiths

Bass - Dave Reid




The album recorded at Thompsound Music... An unforgettable experience for all involved. This album includes many of Meic's classic songs and opens with the haunting Ysbryd Solva - listen out for Billy's seagulls.
Recorded in 2002, this album is representative of the sound Meic, Heather Jones, Dave Reid and Billy were performing live at the time - although Meic's songs seem to possess a somewhat timeless beauty.




1. Ysbryd Solva (1.3 Mb Mp3 or click Real Player logo.jpg to have it streamed using Real Player)
2. Llygad llwyd
3. Merch o'r ffatri wlan (456 Kb Mp3)
4. Er cof am blant y cwm (524 Kb Mp3)
5. Daeth neb yn ol
6. Cwm y Prenhelig
7. Bethan mewn cwsg
8. Tryweryn (848 Kb Mp3)
9. Saith Seren
10. Can Mamgu
11. Can Walter