Ana Gracey Band - 'No More Rain'.


Ana Gracey Voice
Billy Thompson Violin
Eran Kendler Guitar
Stefan Redtenbacher Bass
Acky Yeats Drums


Speaker logo.jpg Jimmy (1.75Mb excerpt)
Speaker logo.jpg Dream (1.6Mb excerpt)
Speaker logo.jpg No More Rain (3.4Mb)





















"As I sat in the Pizza on the Park venue, on Sat 3 August 2003. It became apparent that I along with my fellow spectators were in for a rare treat. Music with depth and feeling. Brought to us by a singer who oozes the X-factor without even realising it. A rare treat, compared to many ego conscious artists who try too hard. But Ana Gracey truly mesmerised the whole audience with her style, sophistication and pure talent. She is a rising star not to be missed-with music as attractive diverse and beautiful as the lady herself. Her unique style and lyrics led to a stunning evening that really did carry you on a musical journey, complimenting her fantastic album... Of which I bought 3 copies afterwards. Once you see Ana Gracey, and experience her energy and her sound, (and possibly the greatest live band on the circuit - check out violinist Billy Thompson) you will be left as breathless and stunned as everybody in that room!!! Well done rocked!!!"

Sarah Bennett (BrightonSoul) Singer/songwriter