Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia - 'Never Say Goodbye'.

2005 'Never Say Goodbye':


1 - 3: Life in the Fast Lane - Concerto in 3 movements (Barbara Thompson)
1. 1st Movement: On the Wing of a Prayer (Barbara Thompson)
2. 2nd Movement: Still Waters (Barbara Thompson)
3. 3rd Movement: Living in the Fast Lane (1.8 Mb Mp3) (Barbara Thompson)

4 . Are You Real (1.2 Mb Mp3)

(Benny Golson)

5. Never Say Goodbye (the Tango that got away) (Barbara Thompson)
6. Son of a Gun (884 Kb Mp3) (Barbara Thompson)
7. Finger Dancing (Barbara Thompson)
8. Giant Steps (1.2 Mb Mp3) (John Coltrane)




Barbara Thompson Saxes
Billy Thompson Violins
Peter Lemer Keyboards
Dave 'Taif' Ball Bass
Jon Hiseman Drums

Never Say Goodbye:

New Studio Album recorded Summer 2005 and available exclusively online after the Nov Tour. Will not go into the shops until Autumn 2006 at the earliest.

Featuring with Barbara are the usual suspects - Jon Hiseman, Peter Lemer, Billy Thompson and Dave 'Taif' Ball.

Along with a Concerto for Paraphernalia, Brass and Saxes in three movements "Life in the Fast Lane" the album features two Jazz classics, John Coltrane's "Giant Steps" and Benny Golson's "Are You Real." both with a sting in the tail!
Ana Gracey appears on the title track "Never Say GoodBye - the tango that got away - and two great groovers, "Finger Dancing" & "Son of a Gun" complete a marvellous new album. Keep taking the tablets!

Times On-line review by John Bungey:

Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia - Never Say Goodbye

(Label: Intuition)

4 stars out of 5

Here is an album that few expected. In 2001 the saxophonist and bandleader retired from touring after Parkinson's disease was diagnosed. But with the help of new medication, Thompson and her band Paraphernalia are back recording - hence the CD title.

On the Wings of a Prayer is a boisterous reminder of the rugged British brand of jazz-rock fusion that she and her husband, the drummer Jon Hiseman, helped to define. The freewheeling brass is anchored by electric bass and propulsive drums. Later, the gypsy violin of Billy Thompson adds an exotic twist. Thompson calls this her most 'jazz' album yet, with a swing through Giant Steps before blowing hot through Benny Golson's Are You Real? A pleasure to have her back.