Billy Thompson and Andy Maule - 'Iff & Butt'.


Violin - Billy Thompson

Guitar (Gibson 175) - Andy Maule

Bass - Dafydd Lewis


Billy's debut album featuring guitarist Andy Maule and bassist Dafydd Lewis. Recorded in 1997.
'There seems to be real personal presence in these performances - two personal presences - three in actual fact, with bassist Dafydd Lewis guesting with taste, aplomb and gusto on five tracks. Billy is inclined to much leaping, bounding and cavorting, rather like a monkey on heat, or Paganini at a fancy dress tea dance wearing some Jimi Hendrix. Andy by contrast seems to combine a sense of the lively with the distinctively laid back. The labyrinthine twists and turns of his solos never appears to lose focus of harmony or melody'.
David Reid.

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