The Amigos - 'Gypsymania'.

Violin - Billy Thompson

Accordian - Nigel Hopkins

Guitar/Voice - Gary Phillips

Guitar/Voice - Andy King

Bass - Robin Hames


Review from Red Lick Records:

Whoooeeee! This little bugger is a true knockout! It's a British band whomping out gypsy music from all over the world with an unexpected fervour and power, not to mention brilliant virtuoso musicianship and knowledge of the music.

In fact, when I first heard this riotous no-holds barred, right-in-your-face roller-coaster-ride of guitars, violin, accordian and double bass, I thought they had come barreling out of Transylvania or Celejani, Romania - they pump out absolutely knock-out performances that are as exciting as you can get!

The two guitarists simply power every tune along, soloing like crazy, clanging out the rhythm and driving violinist Billy Thompson on to slash out some truly dangerous, wild playing while the accordian player stabs in and out of the mix adding just the right seasoning to the whole rusty bucket of planet soup. A brilliant mix of the traditional and modern stuff. They certainly have soaked up the influences from the gypsy world music scene and like the musicians they love they're not afraid to take on tunes by Rheinhardt and Grappelli, Duke Ellington, Baden Powell and even Ron Kavana and Bob Dylan!

I know people who've seen The Amigos play live and say they're dynamite on stage - I can't believe that they can be any better than they are on this blistering new CD.




1. Antara (Popy Basilly)
2. Samba Triste (Bayden Powell)
3. Romane (Romane)
4. Viente Anos/Romanian Folklore (Maria Teresa Vera/Trad)
5. Jo'Berg Jig (Ron Kavana)
6. Gypsymania (736 Kb Mp3) (J.Rosenberg)
7. Music for a New Found Harmonium (Penguin Cafe Orchestra)
8. Stompin at the Decca (Reinhardt/Grappelli)
9. On a night like this (Bob Dylan)
10. Billet Deux (Reinhardt/Grappelli)
11. Golden Earrings (Young/Livingstone/Evans)
12. Caravan (808 Kb Mp3) (Duke Ellington )