Gadjo Jazz - Home Brewed:

Gadjo Jazz CD

Gadjo Jazz: Home Brewed

Chris Hayward (violin), Andy Mackenzie (guitar) and Greg Robley (bass) all live on the beautiful Llyn Peninsula of North Wales and when the band finds time for a practise session it is usually in ChrisÕs conservatory overlooking Porthmadog harbour.

When the time came to record a new CD it became apparent that Billy Thompson, the producer of this session, could easily bring the recording studio to ChrisÕs home allowing the band to record in exactly the same space they rehearse in - hopefully capturing the roomÕs acoustics as well as the groupÕs suitably inspired performance (Billy's violin playing features on track 9 of the album - Joseph Joseph).

The other production decision made was that there would be no overdubbing or ÔfixingÕ of the recording. Gadjojazz are now a trio and wished to capture the stripped down approach they are now bringing to gypsy jazz, fusing it with Irish and Welsh influences also. A fine home brew indeed!