Dolennu - Dolennu

Gadjo Jazz CD

“Dolennu (v) [Doh-Len-Nee] Welsh, to loop: enfold, encircle, arrange in a loop…”

Thus Wales-based looping ensemble, Dolennu, explain their moniker on their self-titled debut CD/DVD release, inspired by the work of Terry Riley and Steve Reich – and heralding the return of the extraordinary Zyklus.
Just listen to the CD and watch the accompanying DVD media for this titular metaphor to come alive in your ears and eyes. Because this is ‘twisting’ music: a sinuous spacey fusion of jazz, funk, rock and electronica that spins, spirals and worms its way into your inner being.
With Steve Roberts (Magenta, Noddy’s Puncture) on drums, band founder Warren Greveson (Neil Ardley, Zyklus) plays synthesisers looped to the violin of Billy Thompson (Paraphernalia, Mike Westbrook) aligned to image/sound sculpturist Maurice Lock’s interpretative video loops as featured in the album’s bonus DVD.
Five huge, sprawling tracks here journey into sonic other worlds in  a wholly immersive trip helmed by a collaboration of some of contemporary jazz’s most innovative players and interpreters.

Here's a video filmed at one of Dolennu's rehearsals: Just Fibbin' Rehearsal


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